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Акция от ENERMAX – Купи блок питания ENERMAX – получи 2.5” HDD/SSD ENERMAX Internal Rack EMK3101 в подарок

Специально для наших покупателей в Украине проводится акция. К каждому блоку питания ENERMAX – отсек для накопителя 2.5” HDD/SSD ENERMAX Internal Rack EMK3101 в подарок. Сроки акции: до 28.03.17 или до момента, пока подарочный товар есть на стоке. Спрашивайте в магазинах.   Нажми на картинку для дополнительной информации ...



09.03.17 UPDATE: LIQMAX II AMD AM4 edition available

RYZEN is here! AM4 mainboards and RYZEN CPUs are available on the market.
You are still looking for the right way to cool down your new system? You do not want to order an AM4 Kit for your old CPU cooler? Need a new one that is AM4 compatible right away?



20.02.17 ENERMAX Continues to Dominate PC Case Market in Japan

Business Computer News (BCN) announced the award winners for 2017 - ENERMAX has once again won the No. 1 brand in PC Case category in Japan, for the second year in a row.


“We are very excited and honored to win this recognition again. For over a quarter c...


02.02.17 AM4-Kit for Enermax CPU Coolers

Enermax provides AM4-Kits for New AMD Ryzen CPUs

The new AMD Ryzen CPUs come with the AM4 socket which is different from the previous AMD sockets designs. To ensure the compatibility of CPU coolers E...

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