Twister Storm 12cm
High-Speed Fan

*This model is EOL (end of life). It is possible that single units are still available on the market.

Product Introduction

Enermax presents Twister Storm: a high-speed fan with selectable speed up to 3,500 RPM. The new Storm-flow fan blades are specifically designed to be used under extreme conditions. The sturdy design and the special shape of the fan blades will ensure a low-vibration operation, even at a rotating speed of up to 3,500 RPM. An extremely strong air flow and high static pressure of the Twister Storm is ideal for radiators of CPU coolers. High quality and heat resistant components ensure 160,000 hours MTBF even at high operating temperatures.

Product Information

  • Shift Speed Control (SSC)
    The high-performance fan allows for an easy customization according to the system requirements. With a small switch at the back, the speed can be changed in three steps: Performance (1.500 RPM) / Overclock Mode (2,500 RPM) / Turbo Mode (3,500 RPM).
  • High-Speed Fan
    Twister Storm is designed for extreme applications and conditions (servers, industrial systems, supercomputing etc.). It achieves a maximum speed of up to 3,500 RPM and an extraordinary high cooling performance with an maximum air flow rate of 263.48 m3/h.

High-Performance Cooling

  • Storm Flow Blades
    Due to its quality structure and the innovative Storm-Flow shape of the blades, Twister Storm achieves a very high air flow rate and static pressure while maintaining a smooth and low-vibration operation.
  • The 2nd Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing
    Durable operation thanks to the patented Twister Bearing Technology. The second generation of the bearing guarantees up to 160,000 hours MTBF.

Easy Maintenance

  • Click Mechanism
    Detachable blades for easy cleaning from dust.
  • Effective vibration reduction
    Four isolator mounts reduce vibrations and make the fan installation easier.
  • Warranty
    2 years

Included in Delivery

  • 12cm Twister Storm fan
  • 4 shock-proof isolator-mounts
  • 4 metal screws
  • 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter

Build-in Features


Dimensions (mm) W120 x H120 x D26.4
Speed Control fixed RPM with Shift Speed Control (SSC)
Bearing Technology patented Twister Bearing Technology
Fan Blade Design Storm-Flow Blades
Number of Blades 9
Performance Mode Overclock Mode Turbo Mode
Fan Speed (RPM) 1,500
2,500 3,500
Air Flow (m³/h) 123.11
Air Flow (CFM) 72.46
Static Pressure (mm-H2O) 2.512
Noise Level (dB(A)) 23
Input Power (W) 3.0 7.2 15.6
Input Current (A) 0.25
0.60 1.30
Rated Voltage (V) 12 12 12
MTBF 160,000 hours
Connector 3 pin
Accessory 4-pin adaptor, 4x isolator mounts, 4x screws

Dealer Information

Product Code
EAN Code
Carton - Net Weight
Carton - Gross Weight
Carton - Dimensions (mm)
490 x 340 x 260
Pieces / Carton

The 2nd Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing Technology

The bearing shaft is fixed to the rotor. When you turn the fan on, a small magnet inside the bearing holds the shaft in position. The convex surface of the base reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a quiet and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material and prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion. That way, Enermax guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime of 160,000 hours (MTBF). Another useful feature of the Twister fans is the “Click Mechanism”. By pressing the rear side of the blades, you can detach the rotor and clean it from dust. Put it back on the base and press it down until you hear a “click”.




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