• 20.09.17 | New Flagship Series MaxTytan and Platimax D.F.

    ENERMAX, the designer and manufacturer of high-end PSU and CPU coolers, announces the market launch of the new flagsip power supply series MaxTytan and the new 750W-1200W models of Platimax D.F. series.

    MaxTytan is the flagship PSU series of Enermax. High end components and years of experience in power supply technology allow Enermax to create a product with the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. With over 94% of efficiency, the MaxTytan series is certified 80PLUS® Titanium.

    All models have a semi-fanless function and a 139mm Twister Bearing fan, granting an extremely quiet operation. The fully-modular PSU comes with individually sleeved cables (SLEEMAX™) offering further protection and the highest flexibility for system installation. This high-end PSU is designed for professional systems requiring the highest standards in quality and performance.

    The 1050W and 1250W models come with a digital wattage meter and Coolergenie - a fan control for external case and CPU cooler fans with that the user can turn the PC into a semi-passive system.

    >> Download Product Pictures MaxTytan 750W & 800W

    >> Download Product Pictures MaxTytan 1050W & 1250W

    Platimax D. F. is the successor of the award winning Platimax series. The 80Plus Platinum certified PSU series is equipped with the patented DFR ™ (Dust Free Rotation) technology, preventing dust accumulation and granting a cleaner and long lasting PSU. All models have a semi-fanless function and a 139mm Twister Bearing fan, keeping the noise level to a minimum. The fully-modular PSU comes with individually sleeved cables (SLEEMAX™) offering further protection and the highest flexibility for system installation. This high-end PSU is the perfect solution for gaming systems and graphic workstations.. With only 16cm depth, Platimax D.F. 1200W is one of the most compact power supplies on the market for this wattage range.

    >> Download Product Pictures Platimax D.F. 750W & 850W

    >> Download Product Pictures Platimax D.F. 1050W & 1200W

  • 29.06.17 | Support for Intel socket LGA2066

    As a reaction to AMDs Ryzen 7 and Threadripper CPUs, Intel pulled ahead the launch of Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

    These new CPUs will use the LGA2066 socket (also known as R4 socket). As this new socket will use the same cooler mounting design as the existing LGA 2011 socket users can still use their current Enermax CPU cooler for the new Intel CPUs – no retention kit needed!
    Complete List of Enermax CPU coolers that can be used with the Intel LGA2066 socket:

    ETS-T50 AXE Serie:


    ETS-T40Fit Serie:

    ETS-T40F-TB | ETS-T40F-TBA
    ETS-T40F-BK | ETS-T40F-BKA
    ETS-T40F-RF | ETS-T40F-RFA

    ETS-N30-II Serie:

    ETS-N30R-HE | ETS-N30R-TAA

    Liqtech Serie:


    Liqmax II Serie:

    ELC-LMR120S-BS | ELC-LMR240-BS


    The updated installation guide can be found at the following table  >> overview updated installation manuals.

  • 19.06.17 | AM4-UPDATE:

    Enermax launches AM4-Edition of ETS-T40Fit CPU Cooler Series - Apart from the already updated liquid cooler series "Liqmax II" and the air cooler series "ETS-N31" and "ETS-T50 AXE D.F. Pressure" that are AM4 compatible out of the box, Enermax now goes another step ahead:


    Neben der bereits umgestellten Flüssigkühlerserie "Liqmax II" und den ab Werk AM4 kompatiblen Luftkühler-Modellen "ETS-N31" und "ETS-T50 AXE D.F. Pressure", geht Enermax nun einen weiteren Schritt in Richtung Ab-Werk-Kompatibilität.


    From now on end users can get the new "AMD AM4 Edition" of ETS-T40Fit CPU cooler series to upgrade their RYZEN CPU cooling. These three models are compatible to all current sockets as users can enjoy a 100 percent CPU socket compatibility.


    For further information about the new AMD AM4 Edition of ETS-T40Fit, please visit the >>product website.

  • 09.06.17 | +++ NEW ARRIVALS +++

    Enermax enhances its product range by two new case series for gamers and overclockers - GraceMesh and GraceFun series both come with a 4mm panoramic tempered glass side panel and various cooling solutions.

    The case series are based on the same backbone, but thanks to Enermax product manager's experience in case design, the two series were optimized for different performance fields.


    GraceMesh is designed for extremely high airflow throughout the entire case to cool down high-performance systems, whereas GraceFun ensures a more silent operation for gaming rigs. Various liquid cooling solutions ensure a flexible and user friendly installation of custom liquid cooling solutions.


    GraceFun is available as single model with a blue LED fan in the back(ECB3090BM-03). GraceMesh-Series contains three models: GraceMesh Blue - with blue T.B.Apollish fans (ECA3520B-03-BL), GraceMesh Red - with red T.B.Apollish fans (ECA3520B-03-R) and GraceMesh Black - with non-LED Twister Bearing fans (ECA3520B-04).


    For further information about the new case series please visit:
    >>Product Website GraceMesh
    >>Product Website GraceFun

  • 31.05.17 | Series Update for ETS-T50 AXE:

    Facelift for ETS-T50 AXE CPU cooler series - new model released!

    ENERMAX’s most powerful CPU air cooler series is now expanded by one new model. In addition to the already well established LED version of the ETS-T50 AXE, a non-LED version (ETS-T50A-DFP) with 12cm D.F. Pressure fan is appended to the high performance CPU cooler series.


    With this improvement ENERMAX reacts to the high market demand by end users that asked for a version with a high performance fan. Now, ENERMAX combines it‘s most powerful 12cm DFR™-fan with the solid black TCC coated heat sink to reach outrageously powerful cooling performance for gaming set-ups.


    The new ETS-T50A-DFP is out-of-the-box AM4 compatible. No additional retention kit needed.


    For further information about the product, please visit the >> product website.

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